Simple Boat Maintenance Checks

As a boat owner, there are some regular and simple checks and maintenance tasks that you should perform to help keep your boat in good condition and running order. Additionally, just like you would for your car, it’s also best to have your boat serviced at regular intervals by a professional boat service centre.

To begin […]

Simple Boat Maintenance Checks2021-05-18T08:25:28+09:30

Dog Clutch Servicing and Troubleshooting

Dog Clutch issues can be a common problem for boat owners. However, by keeping this component of your boat well maintained and correctly adjusted, you can enjoy trouble free time on the water.

The Dog Clutch uses interference to couple two rotating shafts, and functions by mating a set of teeth on one half of the […]

Dog Clutch Servicing and Troubleshooting2021-04-20T14:30:08+09:30

Checking Your Boat Battery

There’s nothing more frustrating than finally getting the boat out on the water after many weeks or month only to find that it won’t start because the battery is dead.

Despite many batteries being labelled as maintenance free, if not used for extended periods of time they still require some attention in order to preserve their […]

Checking Your Boat Battery2021-04-16T09:00:23+09:30

Checking Your Boat’s Water Pump – In Board Motors

Like any motorised craft, the engine is the literally the heart of your boat. In order to keep your boat’s engine running well, it’s important to make sure the cooling system is working properly.

It’s always surprising how many times we come across a boat engine that has overheated.

So, in order to prevent any such engine […]

Checking Your Boat’s Water Pump – In Board Motors2021-04-03T18:55:17+10:30
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