The wheel bearings on a boat trailer are an often-forgotten component, that is until they let go when you’re towing your boat on the way to the river.

A boat trailer’s wheel bearings need good lubrication to prevent corrosion and dissipate heat.

As these are usually submerged in water when you use the boat ramp, it’s important to regularly check and lubricate the wheel bearings to help the stay in good condition.

The most basic lubrication system used on trailer wheel bearings is a grease cap which is packed with grease. This cap should be removed, the bearings inspected and repacked with fresh grease every few thousand kilometres or at least once a year.

When the hub is properly packed with grease it is less likely to have air pockets that can potentially hold moisture

A great option to ensure that the hub and bearings stay properly packed is a bearing buddy. These are a spring-loaded bearing protector which are installed into the wheel hub in place of the standard dust caps.

The bearing buddy has a spring-loaded plate which presses grease against the bearings which helps to prevent air being trapped in wheel hubs. This reduces the risk of the bearings becoming hot when on the road and helps to keep water out when immersed in water at the boat ramp.

If you have bearing buddies installed on your trailer, this will reduce the need for frequent servicing, meaning you can usually go around 4000 kilometres between inspections.

These also have a visual indicator showing the position of the spring-loaded plate which indicates the grease level inside the bearing.

If you’re having issues with your boat trailer, give our service team a call and we’ll take care of your servicing and repairs.