Like any motorised craft, the engine is the literally the heart of your boat. In order to keep your boat’s engine running well, it’s important to make sure the cooling system is working properly.

It’s always surprising how many times we come across a boat engine that has overheated.

So, in order to prevent any such engine issues, it’s vital to regularly check that your engine’s water pump is working effectively. Any debris or blockage in the pick-up line, or a worn impeller, can drastically reduce the cooling systems efficiency.

Performing this check is relatively simple, so we’ve put together the most common steps for you to follow.

Bucket Method

This process is a very simple and quick test that any boat owner can do. Get yourself a bucket full of clean water, and with the boat on the trailer, place the bucket on the ground near the engine and connect a hose to pick-up line. It’s important to ensure an airtight connection to the pick-up line, otherwise the pump won’t be able to suck up the water from the bucket. You may also need to prime the pick-up line by using a bit of water pressure from a hose.

Once ready, start your boat’s engine and you should see that the water pump is sucking water from the bucket into the pick-up line.

If there is no or little suction from the pick-up line, then your cooling system will require a further check or servicing to correct the issue.

Hose Method

You can perform the same check as above by using a hose attached directly to the pick-up line.

If you are using this method, we recommend using tee fitting in the line near the pump, and from this run a piece of hose out the side so when the engine is not running, the water from the hose will run out this side hose. Then when you start the engine, the cooling system should begin drawing water into the line.

By doing this, can check that the cooling system is sucking water, and not just being feed from the mains pressure in the hose.

Out On The Water

You should also check the cooling system when you head out on the water.

To do this when the motor running, you should be able to quickly run your hand along the side of the water-cooled manifolds without burning your hand. If cooling system isn’t working properly, the manifolds will get hot.

Another sign that the water pump may be in need of attention is when the boat accelerates and after a few seconds there is a noticeable a drop in engine noise. As the cooling water running through the exhaust pipes has an impact on engine noise.

If your boat has a cam driven water pump, you pay attention to any engine oil discoloration. In this situation, water can be forced through the pump seals if they are worn and in need of replacement.

At Twister Ski Shop, we can take care of all your boat servicing needs. So, if you would like us to check your boat’s cooling system, give us a call to book your boat in.