Fluidcore F1 Forward Facing Wakeboard Tower – 2.5″ Tube

Introducing the all new Fluid Core F1 forward facing wakeboard tower. The F1 tower comes equipped with double roll bars and side billet plate cross support. All this made with 2.5” diameter tubing adding to this towers strength and durability. Solid build, exceptional welding, performance and towing force.



Adjustment width range
Minimum 67″ or 1700mm to Maximum 102″ or 2600mm

Adjustment length range
Minimum 16″” or 400mm to Maximum 18″ or 450mm

Universal design to adjust to any boat year, make or model
Substantial 2.5″ tube for extra strength and stability
Superior FluidCore Raptor System deck mounts which only require one drill hole per mount and reduce lateral torque on the boats deck
Fully collapsible for easy storage
Suits tower sizes: 1¾”, 1⅞”, 2″, 2¼”, 2⅜”, 2½”


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