Polished $2,050

Anodised $2,150

Twister can also fit the tower to your boat. Call us for a price.

  • 2.5″ tubing for less flex & a stronger sturdier tower, all other towers of this design are only 2.25″
  • Double roll bar top section
  • 1 hole per tower mount
  • Highest quality welding on the market
  • DIY installation
  • Fully collapsible
  • Marine grade aluminium
  • Telescoping top section makes installation easy on any boat
  • Can be mounted on the side or on the top of boat gunnels

The Viper is FluidCore’s top of the range tower equipped with not only double roll bars but also cross support bars, all this made in uncommon 2.5” diameter tubing adding to this towers strength and durability.

Solid build, exceptional welding, performance and towing force you can’t look past this tower for its design and engineering. The Viper tower is fully universal to suit any boat year, make and model and can be installed on either the hull or deck of your boat using single-hole drill mounts. Transform your boat with this robust tower and your family will ask why you didn’t do it sooner!

Front adjustment width range

Minimum 63″ or 1600mm to Maximum 98″ or 2500

Back adjustment width range

Minimum 67″ or 1700mm to Maximum 102″ or 2600

*Board racks and speakers sold separately.

*Please give us a call in store on (08) 8260 2550 if you would like to purchase this item.