As a boat owner, there are some regular and simple checks and maintenance tasks that you should perform to help keep your boat in good condition and running order. Additionally, just like you would for your car, it’s also best to have your boat serviced at regular intervals by a professional boat service centre.

To begin with, the most basic maintenance task that you should often do is simply keeping things clean and, where appropriate, well-lubricated. As simple as this may seem, it can make a big difference to not only the appearance of your boat, but also keep it in good working order.

For example, the gel coat can oxidize and turn chalky if it’s not washed and wax it regularly. Dirt and grime can settle on fabric surfaces like canvas and upholstery, which will allow mould to grow. Therefore, it’s also important to regularly clean these areas.

Keeping the bilge pump clean so it works properly is something many people overlook. A dirty bilge can mean that you may not spot things like leaking fluids or can lead to a clogged bilge pump which can spoil your day out on the water.

Another very important task to perform is flushing your boats engine after use, particularly if you have been boating in saltwater. This will help to prevent any corrosion in the cooling system, keep the pump working correctly, and prevent any blockages.

A good habit to get into after every time out on the water is to perform a simple visual inspection of all the boat’s systems. This way you become very familiar with your boat and if you spot anything that looks like a potential problem, you can have it taken care of before your next boat trip.

For larger repair work and annual servicing, this is best done by a professional boat service centre. Here at the Twister Ski Shop we can take care of all your annual service tasks like engine oil and filters, lubricating components and fittings, dog clutch and drive train, ski poles and towers, paint repairs, and trailer maintenance.

So, if you need help with anything to do with your boat, give us a call.