There is nothing more annoying than vibration in your boat when you’re out on the water.

This problem is more than just a nuisance, and if not fixed, it could be doing some significant damage to your boat.

In most cases, the source of onboard vibration in your boat can be due to problems with the engine or running gear. Because these parts are interconnected, if something that is worn or out of alignment, it can put additional stress on other components which can lead to excess wear and vibration.

Many boats will vibrate to some degree when underway, and most boat owners are attuned to a particular boat’s characteristics. But if you feel that something is not quite right, then you should have it looked at as soon as possible to find out what the issue is and deal with it before it becomes a major problem that could cause a much larger repair.

One of the first things to check is the propeller. If this has any damage of dings it can throw the prop out of balance. When made, a propellor should be nicely balanced to prevent any vibration. However, if a prop strikes a hard object, or comes under stress or impact it may bend one or all of the blades, which will quickly cause vibration.

At Twister, we have a loan prop puller available for a $50 bond. This will allow you to remove your prop and bring it in for repairs. Or, you can bring your boat into our service centre and we can remove it and repair your prop for you.

Next you should inspect the prop shaft for any run-out. If this is over 1mm or more out we recommend replacement. As prop shafts often get bent between the skeg and the prop, they can be difficult to straighten, so it’s often easier and less expensive to replace a bent prop shaft.

The skeg bush should be regularly inspected, which can be done by eye. If there is some minor wear in the skeg it may not make much of a difference to the performance, however you may notice some vibration in the boat when performing a turn.

If these checks haven’t fixed the vibration issue, then the next place to check would be the prop shaft coupling where it connects onto the engine drive.

The Prop shaft coupling must be tight on the prop shaft for correct motor alignment. If you remove the coupling bolts and find that it’s loose on the prop shaft, then it is best to replace the coupling.

While the coupling is off, inspect the key and keyway and for any unusual wear to the prop shaft end. Sometimes the key may sheer off and damage the shaft and coupling. If this is worn or damaged, the prop shaft will usually require replacement.

Once all this has been done, it is time to check and align the motor to the prop shaft. This is one of the most important areas to get done right, so it’s best to have it done professionally to ensure all is correct.

At Twister, we can provide all boat servicing and troubleshooting along with boat spares and accessories to make sure you have a problem free experience out on the water. So, if you are having issues with your boat, give us a call and book it in for a check.